The Appalachian Quilt Trail is a project of the Clinch-Powell Resource Conservation & Development Council, Inc.  of upper East Tennessee.   The trails add a theme to the many scenic routes that tourists may explore as they enjoy the natural beauty and history of the area.  Barns and other buildings along the byways are adorned with painted replicas of Heritage Quilt Squares. 

In the spring of 2009, the Greenback Historical Society placed the first square in our community on the west side of the Greenback Drug and Diner, a longtime landmark on Morganton Road.  The “Boxcar” Quilt Pattern was chosen to represent the fact that the town of Greenback was founded when the railroad first came through this area.  The Society is presently exploring the possibility of adding other squares to barns in the vicinity.

There are several other squares to be seen in Loudon County and many of the nearby counties.  Routes may be obtained from the AQT at
The  Appalachian Quilt Trail
The "Boxcar" quilt pattern displayed on the west wall of the Greenback Drug and Diner was dedicated on April 25, 2009.